New York New Filmmakers Festival 2012 has selected the Joe Baccala Story as a "Feature Presentation in NYC 10/13/12. Tickets are available New Filmmakers website.
Tickets available for screenings 7pm or 9pm click here>Springfield (10/20/12)
Tickets available for screening 8 pm click here>  New Haven (10/25/12)

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The Joe Baccala Story  2011 (written and directed by Rocco Mesiti) is a satire and  spoof passing itself off as a documentary.  "Wannabe" Giuseppe Baccala, aka "Joe Baccala", is  simply a self-proclaimed wiseguy. Everyone thought he was a "madeguy" including himself.  The story is narrated by Joe Baccala and his childhood friend Billy C. from  undisclosed locations. This "mockumentary" uses  humor to bring  attention to  the bigger issues: 40 years of Hollywood and mass media’s stereotypical portrayal of Italians Americans, pop culture and society’s acceptance of the mafioso and guido image, and those (like Joe Baccala)  who take on that  identity.
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